To participate in programs sponsored by international multilateral agencies, to meet the needs of service or to collaborate efficiently with local or national foreign entities, requires the knowledge of logics and relation arquitectures, different from the own, from a conceptual, legal and cultural point of view.

  • Conceptualizing, drafting and presenting european projects in those areas related to proximity and personal services: culture, education, training, social services, participation, fight against discrimination, youth, gender, digital.
  • Designing international financing strategies.
  • Preparing procurements for international organisms.
  • Participating in international networks and projects.
  • Creating, developing and maintaining international networks.
  • Strategic prospecting for funding research.
  • International cultural cooperation with Latin America and Europe.
  • Establishing bilateral and multilateral relations.
  • International implementation of subsequent services.
  • Identifying, establishing and evaluating strategic alliances public-private.
  • Defining and implementing international position strategies for cultural, educational and social organizations.
  • Cultural diplomacy.