Projectes / Serveis

  • Applied research

    Aside from collaborating with universities and research centres within Europe and Latin America, ITD undertakes specific processes of applied research or it integrates them ...

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  • Strategic planning

    All along the definition of public and private intervention strategies, territorial, sectorial and organizational analysis are essential in order to identify new necessities and ...

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  • Congresses and conferences

    The complexity of the organization of a congress must be solved in the ease for the attendants and the ponents to access to information, ...

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  • Territorial plans

    The local dimension can be observed from the extensive territorial impact of a certain activity (cultural, economic, social, educational) or from the capacity for ...

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  • Digital projects and contents

    Digital community management. Multimedia and multichannel design and implementation. Analysing and implementing digital support tools to management and communication. Creating communication, promotion and diffusion strategies. Communication and marketing ...

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  • Training: contents and design

    The digital evolution has radically changed the procedures of knowledge transmission and its fixation and transfer methods. The variety of training possibilities, their possibility ...

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  • International Projects and Services

    To participate in programs sponsored by international multilateral agencies, to meet the needs of service or to collaborate efficiently with local or national foreign ...

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  • Evaluation and consultancy

    To evaluate means both to give value and to bring in value judgements from the application of systems to collect useful, valid and reliable ...

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Notícies / News

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 On behalf of the company, we ...

Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship

For further information, click on the project webpage The lack of opportunities that young people are suffering to find a job as employees in ...

Talent Matching: Vocational mentoring for IVETs in Europe’s creative and cultural industries

The aim of the Talent Matching project, lead in Barcelona by CEPS Projectes Socials, is to design, test and validate a new training programme ...